Pentax DA Limited Lens Case for sale.

Pentax SMC DA 60-250mm f/4 ED IF SDM Telephoto Zoom Lens w/ Case for Pentax Digital SLR Cameras


Pentax S80-120 Soft Lens Case for DA 50-200mm Lens

The Pentax DA limited Lens Carrying Case II is a molded nylon case that has been designed to be the ideal way to store and carry your DA Limited lenses.

Hey, anyone know if that Pentax DA Limited Lens Case can still be found out there anywhere? Nothing at Adorama, B&H says out of stock, Pentax Imaging doesn't show it in the accessories section, and even E*** doesn't have anything listed.

Pentax DA 560mm F/5.6 ED HD AW Super Telephoto Lens - U.S.A

  • Pentax DA limited Lens Carrying Case II

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This is what I am using to carry either the prime collection, or a 2-3 zoom kit (modest size zooms, those soup can size Sigmas can get tough in this bag). This little fellow is actually a small camcorder case- built very well, quite light, quite small, and only $30. But it has a movable/removable divider that I set in the middle of the length, then using a folded up paper towel as a buffer, I can easily stack two DA Limited lenses on top of each other (40mm with that tiny lens hood always on top, just for in-the-bag stability) on each side of the divider, carrying 4 lenses in the case. And with one on the camera, I can bring 5 small primes with me. For the zooms, it's a snug fit but I can get my fat Sigma 18-50mm F/2.8 in the case along with my Pentax 55-300mm. Fitting the 18-50 and my Sigma 10-20mm won't work- the lenses are too wide and there's not enough room. Anyway, this is a good solution, I carried is across my body (right shoulder-to-left side) for the full week we were in Scotland last September (packed in my carry-on suitcase with the K-5 wrapped up in clothing) and I've been using it quite a bit ever since, pretty much my primary bag for day excursions while the camera always hangs from my left shoulder-to-right side. Spare battery and a couple cards in the two end pockets, and some other small stuff in the front face pocket. I guess I'll pass on the romantic notion of the Pentax DA Limited lens case and stick with what I'm using- it works.